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Stew Redwine

If there was one quote to sum me up it is Benjamin Franklin’s, “Energy and persistence conquer all things.” Funny enough it’s not in this book of quotes. Because these quotes are anonymous. I’ve collected them throughout my journey to be the man I want to be - the man I choose to be - a happy, joyous, and free Stew. What do I do with that freedom? I’m an advertising professional and podcast host, focused on understanding and making audio ads work better for dozens of brands. And I walk my dog a lot and run him a lot too. For me, vigorous exercise is part of being the best Stew I can be. That Stew prioritizes his commitments: to his growth, his wife, his kids, his family, his friends, his craft, and to creating. Creating things like this book. Because the goal of life is to live - fully awake, to stay awake, and to help others awaken. Fear gets in the way sometimes and that’s ok. But Fear is the mind-killer and cuts me off from the Sunlight of the Spirit. Did I just say spirit? Yes. There’s something going on we don’t know about - call it the Spirit World. Call it whatever you want, but don’t miss it. What I’ve experienced, and continue to experience (if I choose to) is that to be fully alive there are certain things I can do to keep me aware of my spirit, other people’s spirits, and the Great Spirit of the Universe. And that’s the secret to being fully alive - the spirit must be alive too - not just the material. These quotes are a short cut to help me choose to do the things that keep my spirit alive. I hope these quotes help you to do the same.


Grant Redwine, known affectionately as the ChickenMan, emerged from the shadows of the Covid-19 shutdown in Los Angeles. A propman turned pitmaster, Grant's journey began with a simple act of smoking chickens and ribs, delivering not just food, but hope and connection across LA. As he listened to the stories of those he met—tales of loss, resilience, and the human spirit—Grant was inspired to take his mission on the road, traveling across America to capture the voices of a nation in turmoil. The ChickenMan's tale is one of transformation, from entertainment industry professional to a nomadic storyteller, driven by the power of community and the healing nature of shared narratives.


About the Book

“A Few Days at a Time” is a collection of sayings that work. But to what end? To stay in the present. To live. To awaken your Spirit and keep it awake by being plugged into the Great Spirit of the Universe. The big questions are, what does it all mean? What is the meaning of life? My life? Short answer, to be lived. To be free. These anonymous quotes are from a bunch of people focused on doing just that. One day at a time or a few days at a time. It makes no difference. The journey is the destination. To be alive is the meaning of life. If you’re reading this you’re accomplishing the mission. The question is just how alive are you going to be each day? With the simple tools, for that is what these quotes really are, you’ve got a shot as being fully awake, fully alive, maybe for a moment, maybe for a day, maybe for a few days at a time. It works, if you work it.